Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 September - Day 135 - News from the world

Sheep Lake (Mile 2334.1) to Urich Cabin (Mile 2355.7)

Total PCT Miles: 21.6

The sunrise mirrored this morning in the perfectly still waters below the steep subalpine mountain slopes. Gray jays came and took crumbs from my hand as I lay in my sleeping bag having coffee and shortbread cookies.

We got going about 7:45.

The woods today have been the usual beautiful woods. Noble firs and Alaska yellow cedars, Pacific silver firs and hemlock & some Douglas-fir. We followed in the tracks of elk that had been on the trail just before us. Hunters with bows are scouring the woods up here, so we wish the elk luck and long lives. Slopes of huckleberry turning plum and auburn.

On a high ridge we got some iPhone coverage so uploaded a bunch of photos onto our trail journal blog. Then we got news from the Democratic National Convention. We liked what we read. Apparently the first night got off to a good start. It gave us plenty to chat about on the trail.

We hiked and hiked today in the Norse Peak Wilderness, until the great mass of Rainier gradually turned and we saw a new side (northeast).

This evening we have been singing with Sevda at Government Meadows Cabin built in '92 that's used by backcountry hikers & skiers, etc. as a shelter. Big meadow here is getting ripe early autumn colors in it.

We had a lovely dinner singing with Sevda -- who is not only a botanist, gourmand, farmer, and adventurer, but a lovely singer. Wowie.

We hung our backpacks and our food bags to keep the cabin's mice out of it, then laid out our pads and bags to sleep inside.

The squeak of mice in the night was kinda cute -- but the distant bugling of elk reverbing from meadow and mountain was uncanny, unearthly, and enchanting.

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